Meet The Staff
  1. Debbie Chilcoat
    Debbie Chilcoat
    Course Director Scoutmaster
  2. Richey Stovall
    Richey Stovall
    Senior Patrol Leader
  3. Jeremy Driggers
    Jeremy Driggers
  4. Mitzi Winstead
    Mitzi Winstead
  5. Jeff Lampe
    Jeff Lampe
    Assistant Scoutmaster of Program of Logistics
  6. Stacey Riffell
    Stacey Riffell
  7. Sherri Mitchell
    Sherri Mitchell
    Assistant Scribe
  8. Randi Rice
    Randi Rice
    Assistant Scribe
  9. Earl Hill
    Earl Hill
  10. Frank Shenold
    Frank Shenold
    Assistant Quartermaster
  11. Mike Trower
    Mike Trower
    Assistant Quartermaster
  12. Jesse Pelfery
    Jesse Pelfery
    Assistant Scoutmaster of Troop Guides
  13. Tina Althoff
    Tina Althoff
    Troop Guide
  14. Chad Ferrell
    Chad Ferrell
    Troop Guide
  15. Sara Jackson
    Sara Jackson
    Troop Guide
  16. Alanna Prater
    Alanna Prater
    Troop Guide
  17. Don Rowe
    Don Rowe
    Troop Guide
  18. Waldo Smith
    Waldo Smith
    Troop Guide
  19. Jennie Croslin
    Jennie Croslin
    Wood Badge Chairman
  20. Joel Rodriguez
    Joel Rodriguez